About the Project

Information on the “Funding for Taiwanese Student Internships in Emerging Markets” project:

I. Background:

Since 2014, the “Funding for Taiwanese Student Internships in Emerging Markets” project conducted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs has provided scholarships for undergraduate students majoring in international trade and other related fields (including business administration) to intern in overseas emerging markets. The program aims to foster more foreign trade talents with actual work experience, so that they will in turn help Taiwanese industries expand their operationsin emerging markets in the future.

II. Objectives

By providing internship opportunities, we aim to nurturetrade talents who can help Taiwanese enterprisesexpand their operations in emerging markets. To realize this vision, we need “competence,” “work commitment,” and “practical training opportunities.” To cultivatethe best talent, we select competent candidates, provide them with practical training opportunities, and assist them with their future job search.

III. Sponsored Destinations

Our mission is to send students to intern at enterprisesin emerging markets, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and that Philippines, that are distinguished by their professional achievement or potential(Note: university laboratories are excluded from this project).

IV. Scholarship Recipients:

Proposal Supervisor: 1

Student Candidates: 2-7

V. Application Methods

A. Paper copy

B. Online application

VI. ApplicationProcedure

A. Submit all application forms and other required materials.

B. Applications screened and evaluated by the project committee.

C. Recipients of the scholarship announced.