Internship Enterprises

【Vietnam】 Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1955, Ta Yais based in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Ta Ya’s branch in ĐồngNai, Vietnam was established in 1994 and won the “Gold Quality Award” awarded by the Vietnamese government in 2013.

【Vietnam】 Eclat Textile Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1977, Eclat has over 15,000 employees spread across the globe. The company is a global enterprise that integrates its factories for functional textiles, knitted fabrics, large-scale dyeing, and garmentsvertically. A leading company in the textile industry, it has won the nickname of “the TSMC of theaiwanese textile industry.”

【Vietnam】 ESL Air & Ocean Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1955, ESL Air & Ocean Co.provides various professional logistic services which include international express, air and ocean freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, and customs brokerage.

【Vietnam】 King Power Co., Ltd.

King Power Co. is a branch company of Joy GiElectromechanics Co., Ltd., which is based in Vietnam. A professional provider of diesel-powered engines, the company obtained its license and started its business in July 2002.

【Vietnam】 Emperor Footwear Corporation Group

Founded in 1975, the Emperor Group is the mainfootwear manufacturer for several well-known brands, including Aldo, Geox, Tamaris, and Zara.

【Vietnam】 Eternal Prowess Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Based in the Province of Long An, the Vietnamese branch of the EP corporation is mainly responsible for the manufacture of rubber. Its first factory was built in the 12th District of Ho Chi Minh City in 1996, and the EP corporation now owns twelve factories in southern Vietnam and one factory in northern Vietnam.

【Vietnam】 FPT(Corporation for Financing and Promotion Technology)

Founded in 1988, the headquarters of FPT is located in Hanoi. It provides communication, education, real estate, and finance management services. FPT is currently the largest private conglomeratein Vietnam.

【Vietnam】 Lovetex Industrial Corp.

Founded in 1984, Lovetex specializes in the manufacture of hook and loop fasteners for both industrial and daily purposes. A leading player in the high-quality hook and loop fasteners market, Lovetex sells its products in over sixty countries, distributed across the five continents.

【Vietnam】 Uni-President Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)

Uni-President (Vietnam) was founded in the Province of BìnhDương in 1999, and itstotal investment value amounts to US$225 million. Its products include animal feed, aquatic feed, flour, instant noodles, and beverages.

【Vietnam】 Da Huang Jia Co., Ltd.

The sole agent of Taishiba’s international enterprise in Vietnam, Da Huang Jia was founded in 1993, with headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City. Its business primarily involves sales of office facilities, priding itself on the reliable, excellent quality of its products.

【Vietnam】 Vedan Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)

Established in 1991, Vedan’smainly produces four kinds of products: MSG, starch, processed food,and package food. Vedan Vietnam’s business took off with the success of its MSG; its sales record surpassed even that of the famous Japanese brand Ajimonoto.

【Vietnam】 Great Giant Fibre Garment Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1991, Great Giant is an international original design manufacturer of knitted garments (men’s, women’s, kids’ clothing, and pajamas), with factories in Yilan County in Taiwan, Vietnam, Jordan, and China.

【Vietnam】 Foming Bicycle Parts Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1970, Foming initially specialized in the production of office chair cushions and seats for motorcycles and gym facilities. After forty years of work, Fomingis now concentratingits innovative efforts on the production of seatsand handles for bicycles.

【Vietnam】 Chin Li Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

With over 15 years of history, Chin Li is a professional manufacturer of EVA foam and related products; its clients include the renowned brand Adidas.

【Vietnam】 Fu Han Co., Ltd.

Founded in Vietnam in 1994, Fu Han is an important garment manufacturer, wholesaler, importer, and exporter in northern Vietnam. To improve its logistics,the company set up a subsidiary named Fu Yu in Xã Minh Đức of MỹHào District,HưngYên Province to produce garments for various clients. Its products are mainly sold to the U.S.; its clients include Nordstrom, JCPenny, etc.

【Vietnam】 Mian Lan Mechanical Co., Ltd.

MianLan specializes in the production of plastic injection and home electronics (TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.). Its own home electronics brand Niken was founded in Vietnam in 2008.

【Vietnam】 Wu Luen Knitting Co., Ltd.

The Vietnamese branch of Wu Luen was founded in 2007. A professional textile company, it provides services in knitting, dyeing, finishing, and other processing for textile products. Its products include garment fabrics, swimwear, underwear, fabrics for making bicyclist clothing, sportswear, industrial fabric, and materials for hats and bags.

【Vietnam】 Kok-Feng (Vietnam) CO., LTD.

Part of the Sin Jar Acrylic Industry Ltd. in Taiwan, Kok-Feng was founded in 2003 and is located in VSIP BìnhDương, Binh-Duong Province, Vietnam. Kok-Feng specializes in the production of acrylic containers for cosmetics products.

【Vietnam】 Lai Yi Corporate Group (Yi Chun Co., Ltd.)

Founded in 1986, Lai Yi is headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, with 17 shareholders in total distributed throughout Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Yi Chun is a renowned OEM that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality athletic shoes.

【Vietnam】 Jiu Deh Color Packing Co., Ltd.

In 1993, Jiu Deh Color Packing Co., Ltd., which was headquartered in central Taiwan, decided to invest in a new branch in the ThủĐức District of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The branch specializes in the manufacture of shoe boxes. It is also the first printing company established in Vietnam by foreign investors.

【Vietnam】 Alexandre International Corp., Inc.

An international ODM (original design manufacturer), Alexandre was founded in 1993. Within the corporation, Ming Kuai Co., Ltd. in Taiwan is responsible for international trade, while Alexandre Furniture Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, China and GRAND ART Furniture Co., Ltd. in Vietnam manufacture its products.

【Vietnam】 Omexey Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Since its inception on September 1, 1990, Omexey has become one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of high-class furniture, gym equipment, and other home furnishing goods. Its clients are distributed across Asia, Europe, and America.

【Vietnam】 Olympic Pro Manufacturing (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2002, Olympic Pro specializes in the manufacture of bicycle frames, forks, and other forged components. Its products are exported to Europe, Asia, and other regions of the world.

【Vietnam】 CiG Power Products Inc.

Founded in 1980, CiGmanufactures and sells gasoline/ diesel-powered generators and engine pumps. Most of its trade partners are in Middle East and Asia.

【Vietnam】 Huge-Bamboo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

The parent company Ju Yan was founded in 1992 and is a famous dyeing factory in Taiwan. The Vietnamese branch was established in July 2002, and the garment factory started operationsin May 2013. The company’s production is integrated vertically, and includes warp and weft knitting, dyeing and finishing, printed fabrics, and sewing.

【Vietnam】 Chang Tai Underwear Co., Ltd.

Founded in Taiwan in 1976, Chang Tai specializes in the manufacture of women’s underwear. After the first Vietnam factory (Chang Tai) was established in 1997, another one (San Tai) was built in 2010. Currently, besides domestic sales, Chang Tai’s products are exported to the U.S., the EU, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

【Thailand】 Taida Electronic Co., Ltd.

Taida is a subsidiary of Delta Electronic Inc. Currently it stands as the largest manufacturer of electronic products in Thailand. Its products includepower supply units, surveillance equipment, and

【Thailand】 Namchow (Thailand) Ltd.

The company initially made its name by manufacturing cleaning supplies such as its skin care laundry soap. Later, it became a famous food manufacturing conglomerate in Taiwan. ItsThailand branch was founded in 1990, and is known for its rice crackers and instant noodles.

【Thailand】 Xin Nan International Trade Co., Ltd./First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd

Founded in 1981, the company is supported by capital and technology from Taiwan. Initially, the company focused on the production of coconut nectar,then started to develop other coconut products in 1994. It started manufacturingaloe products in 1996.

【Thailand】 Chia Tai Group (Charoen Pokphand Group, Taiwan)

Founded in 1921, Chia Tai is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. As one of the company’s subsidiaries outside mainland China, Chia Tai falls under the management of Charoen Pokphand Group. Currently, Chia Tai the largest business conglomerate in Thailand.

【Thailand】 Acer Inc. (Thailand)

Founded in 1976, Acer is a pioneer in the globalization of Taiwanese IT products and brands. It is currently the fifth largest laptop brand in the world. The branch in Thailand focuses on marketing, with no factories affiliated to it. As of now, Acer is the laptop brand with the largest market share in Thailand.

【Thailand】 Qi Yuan Grindstone Co., Ltd.

Founded in Thailand in June 2003, Qi Yuan started off by selling machinery, such as machine tools, injection molding machine, grinding machines, and polishing equipment. The sale of machine tools and injection molding machines ended in 2007, and the company turned its attention to the local manufacture of grindstones, and it has also built a new porcelain factory.

【Thailand】 SrangSern Co.,Ltd.

SrangSern is known for its rubber andmachinery, and it mainly provides sale and maintenance services. With the Thai government’s encouragement of investment in primary manufacturing industries, the scope ofSrangSern’s business continues to grow in both the manufacturing and trading sectors.

【Thailand】 Chiao Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Chiao Fu was founded in 1976 as a specialized polyurethane foam manufacturer. It expanded its operations to includeplastics in 1983. In 2006, itacquired Hua Wei, which manufacturesnylon cable ties .Chiao Fu has over ten plants in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and India, with over 3,000 employees in total. It is one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of polyurethane foam, plastics, and cable ties in the world.

【Thailand】 Modern Healthcare Corporation (Thailand)

Founded in 1978, Modern Healthcare specializes in the manufacture of medical devices, including latex gloves, protective masks, and medical dressings. Its factories are located in Changhua, Taiwan; Shanghai, China; and Sriracha, Thailand, and they were founded in 1986, 1988 and 1995 respectively.

【Philippines】 Hocheng Philippines Corporation

Based in Taiwan, the parent company is known for its bathroom fixtures. The subsidiary in the Philippines has also established itself as a well-known brand for high-quality bathroom fixtures and boasts 40%-50% of the market share in the Philippines.

【Philippines】 CTBC Bank (Philippines Branch)

The revenue of the Philippines Branch from consumer finance makes up 62% of the revenue of all the CTBC subsidiaries, and CTBC is the only Taiwanese bank whose overseas subsidiaries see a continual growth in their revenue for five years in a row.

【Philippines】 DIMERCO Express Group

Aside from the excellent quality of its products, Dimerco prides itself in the globalization of its sales channels, localization of its management, diversification of its products,and the quality of its operations and services. With the integration of the Internet and the Internet of Things, Dimerco has built virtual and physical sales channels, aiming to establish itself as a major international logistics service provider that reaches every corner of the world.

【Philippines】 EG Healthcare, Inc. (Excelsior Healthcare Group)

Since its founding in 1980, Excelsior has expanded its business from trading to generalhospital management, dialysis, ophthalmology, long-term care,respiratory therapy, rehabilitation, cosmetology,blood purification, dentistry,and other chain operations management. It also provides medical device maintenance, medical warehousing andlogistics, procurement and supply, and medical management system services to hospitals. It has become a multifaceted, fully vertically-integrated corporation in the medical industry.

【Philippines】 Shopping99 Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2000, Shopping99 was originally an online social network provider and operator. It designed several social network platforms, including “So Said the Students Network,””BBS99 So Said the Students BBS,” and “Kehoo Chat Room.” In July 2002, the company staked its claim in the online shopping market by founding the online shopping site SHOPPING99 (tw., and the website soon became the most visited online shopping site for women in Taiwan.

【Philippines】 AsusTek Computer Inc.

Founded in 1989, Asus is the largest producer of motherboards in the world, as well as one of thethree biggest laptop brands. Ever committed to the quality and originality of its products, it continues to provide its customers and clients with the most cutting-edge technology. In 2012, Asus received 4,168 awards from various international rankings and evaluations.

【Malaysia】 Kakitangan HR System

Kakitangan is a new HR software development company founded by a Malaysian-Chinese engineer. After quitting his job at the Microsoft Innovation Center, he wanted to make his mark while the sharing economy and mobile communication were on the rise. He founded the company with the ambition to make it the HR software company with the highest market share in ASEAN in five years.


Founded in 1997, the company was originally a Malaysia-based Taiwanesecompany that exports Taiwanese food ingredients, beverage flavorings, and other similar groceries. After it opened its restaurant chain “FUN TAIPEI” that specializes in Taiwanese cuisine in Malaysia, its business now includes food ingredient import, restaurant chain business, and retail and wholesale of its products.


Founded in 1987, Yungshin is a leading pharmaceutical company in Malaysia. Not only did Yungshinset up its Malaysia branch as the springboard for its market development in ASEAN, it also established a new branch in Indonesia, becoming the first Taiwanese pharmaceutical company to do so.

【Mexico】 Nien Hsing Textile Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1986, Nien Hsing primarily manufactures denim fabrics, casual clothing, and clothes made from denim. Its factories are located in Taiwan (headquarters), Vietnam, Cambodia, Lesotho, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

【Mexico】 Tex-Ray Industrial Co., Ltd.

At the inception of its business in 1978, Tex-Ray focused primarily on the production of yarn. Later, its enterprise grew to include weaving, dyeing, finishing, garment production, and innovation of new materials and dyeing techniques. Of all the textile companies in Taiwan, Tex-Ray has the best vertically-integrated production model. Its products include fabrics and garments, with the latter contributing about 65% of its revenue. At the moment, the U.S. is its most important market.

【Mexico】 MEGAFUMI S.A DE CV(L & Leung Design Group)

L & Leung started with ashoemaking business in Pingtung, Taiwan. In 1968, the Leung brothers expanded its sales market to Latin America. MEGAFUMI S.A DE CV was established in Mexico City in 1999. Catering its products primarily to the domestic market of Mexico, MEGAFUMI started from retail and wholesale of handiwork materials and gradually expanded its business to stationery. It is also the sales agent of other kids’ stationery brands.

【Mexico】 EVA GREEN,S.A.DE CV(L & Leung Design Group)

EVA GREENestablished its Mexico branch in 1997. The factory primarily manufactures EVA foam, which are then marketed and sold by its business partners.


YUSA SRL COMERCIO DE IMP.E EXP. LTDA YUSA imports cosmetic products from Taiwan and China into Brazil.

【Brazil】 Ever Green Ind. E Com.Ltda

Ever Green manufactures diapers and other personal hygiene products that are sold throughout South America.

【Brazil】 Cha-mix Imp. E Exp. Ltda

Cha-mix imports stationery, souvenirs, and LED lamps from Taiwan and China into Brazil.

【Indonesia】 China Airlines Co., Ltd.

China Airlines is the largest airline in Taiwan and operates both passenger and freight aircraft internationally. Its flight network covers over 30 countries.

【Indonesia】 EVA Air Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1989, EVAAir has been recognized as one of the world’s ten safest airlines by Aero International Magazine’s several times.

【Indonesia】 Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1969, Hon Chuan started its business first with the manufacture of various bottle caps, shrink labels, and pliofilm products. It subsequently expanded its production to include LDPE shrink film, PET bottles, battery coating and components of electronic products, becoming the most representative packaging company of Taiwan.